To the One and Only

When you are truly and deeply in love with someone, and have lived together for years, a sublime unity is what you experience. P.R. Viswanathan captures that experience through his verse.

Writing is About Self Expression : P.R. Viswanathan

P.R. Viswanathan is one of our senior writers and has been a part of Spark since March 2010. He is one writer who makes up for his occasional breaks from writing with one striking piece. We love his language that’s classy and smooth, the characters that he creates which are so likeable and familiar and the love, passion and concern he pours out for his country in his writings on India. His articles for our editions celebrating India and his stories set in Bombay are our favourites.
An interview with P.R. Viswanathan.

India at 66 – A Giant Centipede Marches On

P R Viswanathan believes that the idea of Indian unity is different from the European conception of the word. And devolution is the key to the Indian idea of unity, he writes.

The Written Word

The joy of experiencing the beauty of the well-written word is priceless. P.R.Viswanathan describes the experience poetically, most apt for a piece celebrating the July 2010 theme, ‘The Written Word’.

August 15, 2011

Same time last year, P.R.Viswanathan conjured Mother India with his words. She had beamed with pride and had spoken at length about her centuries-old story and had talked in a beautifully nostalgic way about the many children she had nurtured on her soil. This time, Mother India returns, springing to life with P.R.Viswanathan’s words– only that this time, she is here to lament the way things have been with her soil and children in the last one year. Here’s one piece you should read!

Virtue and its Guardian

More often than not, conversations between a father and a daughter can prove to be really interesting and at its best, intellectually stimulating. Here is a story of a dad and a daughter discussing who is the real hero among the five Pandava brothers in the epic, Mahabharata.

Only a Homemaker?

The role of a homemaker is not as valueless as it is made out to be. P.R.Viswanathan feels that it is perception that shapes preferences. Read on to find out his perspectives on the status of women in the society and the role of a homemaker.

Hamid Sarathy

Many a time, car drivers have played a crucial role in the lives of their masters and vice-versa. Here is one such story – of a driver and his master, penned by P.R.Viswanathan.

The Joy of Creation

What exactly does creativity mean in our lives? Is it something that is restricted only to the arts? P.R.Viswanathan shares some interesting thoughts on creativity and the joy of creation.