The Story of Our Lives

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD “This is not a story about Sachin. It is a story of our lives,” says Parth, of the movie “Sachin: A Billion Dreams.”

The Merger

Not all relationships trace a linear path. Read this naughty short story by Parth Pandya that traces a merger of a different kind.

An Ode to the Gulab Jamun

Parth Pandya writes an ode to one of the most common yet most loved Indian sweets, his own favourite, the Gulab Jamun.


Amitabh Bachchan. Haji Ali. A perfume maker and his son. A talisman. They all come together in a story of hope, prayer and unexpected miracles, by Parth Pandya. Read on.

Good News

Two words don’t go down too well with Vibha. ‘Good news’. Parth Pandya’s story dwells on Vibha’s connection with these words, exploring romance from a couple’s point of view.

Breaking Free

A Rockstar dies, except that he is not allowed to. Parth Pandya’s sci-fi story tackles life, death, rebirth and the challenges of encashing one’s karma and the Rockstar’s gambit to escape it all!

Shadows at Twilight

A woman struggles with the memories of a man unleashed each time she hears a song of his that she has recorded. What is it that she has to let go? Parth Pandya’s poem tells you more.


Antakshari has spiced up many a boring party or journey. Parth Pandya traces the influential role of the game in our lives in this piece that we’re sure will make you smile.


“I will not tell you about the things that give me joy. Instead, I am going to tell you about the things that drive me up the wall; things that others think are fun but what I can’t fathom for the life of me,” writes Parth Pandya. Read on to know what his top picks are!


Parth Pandya writes a set of eight haikus, each capturing a moment in time from school right up to college in terms of experiences one goes through.

The Great Indian Road Trick

Parth Pandya, a ‘foreign return’, is befuddled with driving on Indian roads. 

Shreyas and the Tyre

A tyre becomes a barrier to Shreyas’s aspirations. How does the teenager surmount it? Parth’s story is sure to make you chuckle.

The Annual Rendezvous

Kavya and Nikesh travel to Coonoor each year for the rains, to keep a pact going. Parth Pandya’s story tells you how the pact came about and what’s unique about it.

Vacating a Home

“I am not only leaving a house I have lived in for eleven years; I am also vacating a country I have been in for fifteen.” Parth Pandya writes on what it means to be relocating to India with his family after having lived in the U.S. for a decade and a half.