The Boundaries of Hunger

Selvi lives in a slum and works as a cleaner in a posh-looking construction company. Preeti Madhusudhan captures a day in the life of Selvi in a story that throws light on the dark corners of a booming India, where shiny, glass buildings stand in sharp contrast to heart-wrenching poverty. A work of fiction that brings two contradictory shades of Indianness to the fore.

Rock Science

THE LOUNGE | SLICE OF LIFE Preeti Madhusudhan is surprised to discover a prejudiced side to her when she sees The Rock talking “science”. Read this short but sweet slice of life as she comes to terms with this discovery. 

The Ahimsa Bag

Preeti Madhusudhan writes a story about the turbulent emotional ride and longing for her motherland that an Indian woman living in Sydney goes through on the 2nd of October – Gandhi’s birthday that also happens to be the auspicious day of Mahanavami, the 9th day of Dusshera.

During the Downpour

An Indian, an Afghani and a Bosnian find themselves sitting together in a Sydney gym the afternoon of the hostage attack in the city in December 2014. The conversation that ensues compels each woman to dig into her own past. Preeti Madhusudhan describes the conversation, under the theme ‘History & Culture’.

The Love For Words Has Always Been There : Preeti Madhusudhan

Preeti Madhusudhan has been associated with us since May 2011. Preeti’s writing style is one that reminds you of the language that you find in literary classics. She is a versatile writer who can write across subjects as varied as architecture, science, history and life. Preeti’s stories and essays also have well-researched information that makes reading them a pleasurable as well as a great learning experience.
An interview with Preeti Madhusudhan.

In the Absence of Desire

It’s rare to find someone who works hard on a task not because they desire results but because it is a duty that has to be performed to perfection. Preeti Madhusudhan writes the story of three brothers and their father whom they revere and is their biggest inspiration.

In Search of the Warrior Poet of Love – 3

THE LOUNGE | SLICE OF LIFE In the final part of her series on travelling the route taken by the tribal chieftan-turned-devout poet Thirumagaiazhvar, Preeti Madhusudhan describes delightfully the last stop, the temple dedicated to the Azhvar at Tiruvali.

In Search of the Warrior Poet of Love – 2

THE LOUNGE | SLICE OF LIFE In the second part of her series exploring the path taken by the tribal chieftan-turned-Vaishnavite poet Kaliyan, or Thirumangayazhwar, Preeti describes her journey to the temples whose Lords the Azhwar sang about, in Tirunarayur, Tirukannapuram and Nagapattinam. All along, be prepared for a treat of the Azhwar’s poetry translated into English, and Preeti’s exquisite commentary around them.

In Search of the Warrior Poet of Love

In this multi-part series, Preeti Madhusudhan tells us of her journey following the trail of one of the most enigmatic Tamil poets, tribal king-turned-robber-turned-poet Thirumangai Alvar. Read on for her journey through Tamil Nadu’s rustic temples.

India – In Search of an Identity

Preeti Madhusudan believes the architecture of Indian hill-stations need a radical revamp. Read on to know why.

Trees from her Backyard

The greenery that Arya grew up with plays an important role in her life even as she moves far away from that home. Preeti Madhusudhan’s story tells us about the relationship in her story.

A Blue Day

Sometimes the muse for a life-changing decision could be a stranger and the inspiring impression that he or she leaves in one’s mind. Preeti Madhusudhan writes a story about Prahalad, an architect who in the midst of a fulfilling professional and personal life, leaves home in search of a more fulfilling life. On the way, he meets the person who changes his life. Read on.

Under the Rain Canopy

Roma leads a quiet, secluded life, in her ancestral home that is everyone’s dream. She, however, aspires for and dreams of something different. And as she dreams on sitting in a house located amid fine deodars and firs, her life takes a turn. Preeti Madhusudhan writes a riveting story of a woman’s life, tracing the colours of change while the rains lash outside.

From Etu with Love

What if humans are no longer what they actually are? What if there is no earth but only E-2 or Etu or Earth-2? What if ‘Love’ is no longer a word that exists in that planet? What if one of the inhabitants discovered the word ‘Love’ by sheer accident? ‘From Etu with Love’ is Preeti Madhusudhan’s answer to these questions. Preeti’s story is her take in conveying the essence of Spark’s July 2011 issue themed ‘Tying the Knot – Weddings and Marriages’.


Nick, a die-hard ‘Star Wars’ fan has all that he had wanted of life and even more. One fine day, an epiphany occurs and life isn’t the same again. Based on the premise that there is a force that binds the universe, all pervading and omnipresent and that this force can be realised and utilised by a person to his advantage and/or for the community’s benefit or can also be used for dark side or evil, Preeti Madhusudhan writes a story around the popular movie, Star Wars.

A Pale Pink Dawn

A journalist who looks fairly out of place in the city she is in; yet she is someone who carries herself with enviable ease, someone for whom being out of place isn’t much of a bother. And then there’s her friend too. So, what do these two women do? Preeti Madhusudhan tells you a story that’s set in Chennai.