Art Originates From a Place of Longing : Sandhya Ramachandran

She writes, sketches, doodles, takes amazing photographs and makes movies – in short, she’s a creative powerhouse. Meet Sandhya Ramachandran, one of Spark’s first contributors. Sandhya has charmed us with her beautiful verse and splendid artwork that interpret our monthly themes in very different light, very artistically. She also designed the absolutely stunning coverpage art for our very special 50th issue. We must say we are a big fan of her art – her doodles and her experiments with mixed media brim with the sort of creativity that we love to feature in Spark.
An interview with Sandhya Ramachandran.


How would evenings without conversations be like? Sandhya Ramachandran’s poem gives you the picture.


‘Liplock’ is a hand drawn sketch with digital tweaks. It was conceived with Adam and Eve and the first act of love in mind. The art work is on the coverpage of the 50th issue of Spark.

Fish Curry

Being a vegetarian, non-vegetarian cooking has always seemed so interesting to Sandhya. Here’s her ode to fish curry painted using coffee decoction with a spoon, fork and a knife and inked over.

When my Chai Spilled

Sandhya Ramachandran gives the perfect tribute to the first anniversary issue theme, ‘Celebrating Creativity and Creation.’ See creativity oozing out of sketches that Sandhya pencils around spilt chai.

The Irony of Money

Sandhya Ramachandran presents the irony of money in India through a sketch with a powerful message.

Capturing Wedding Moments

In an interview to Spark, Maniyarasan Rajendran, photographer, gets talking about wedding photography and what fascinates him about it. And of course, we showcase some of the wedding photographs he has clicked as well! Interview by Sandhya Ramachandran.

How I Wonder Where you are?

In the world of full-length feature films and interminably long saas-bahu dramas, we have lost the beauty and brilliance that telefilms can bring to our television-watching experience. Sandhya Ramachandran on telefilms and why we need them back.


Moving images make up a movie. Having said that, how can we forget its precedent – the still images? Sandhya Ramachandran pays a tribute to the photographs through a poem.