Nutty and Ranjini Carry On

Nutty and Ranjini come to terms with a complicated choice their father (and father-in-law) made towards the end of his life. Shreya tells the story.

Last Night

Shreya Ramachandran writes a poem that attempts to capture the difference between life as it is and life as you sometimes wish it were. It explores the tension between trying to be fine and experiencing a tiny regret that comes with feeling an absence.

One Morning Two Years Ago

Is something fun only when it belongs to that moment? Can one enjoy looking back over something and derive fun out of it? Shreya Ramachandran fondly remembers a meeting with her friend at a particularly interesting point of time in their lives.

Coming Home

When Ami visits Madras after eight long months, her mother and sister have shifted from their old home to a new one. Shreya Ramachandran captures Ami’s longing for her old home and her feelings towards her new one. 

Day End

Shreya Ramachandran writes a poem on a couple whose relationship is slowly falling apart.

Snow in London

For Shreya Ramachandran, snow was a true marker of being in a foreign land. She recounts her first time seeing snow in London, a place she believes holds its best for those who wait and watch.

Sometimes the Process of Writing is Scary! : Shreya Ramachandran

Shreya Ramachandran is one of the youngest writers we have on board. She has been associated with Spark since December 2010. She is a versatile writer who has dabbled with fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Her work for Spark has spanned themes like love, relationships and women. What we like about Shreya’s work, particularly her stories, is her attention to detail and her ability to turn the reader’s attention to mundane and taken-for-granted things through her words. She succeeds in making you see these things in a new light because of her descriptions.
An interview with Shreya Ramachandran.

Remembering Grandfather

Shreya Ramachandran fondly recalls memories with her grandfather and writes about things that made him special. This, she says, is a story that she has been longing to tell for a long time.

My India

Shreya Ramachandran describes her various Indias through a poem.