My Baby Darling

A mother misses her baby girl, now an angst-ridden teenager. Sudha Nair tells the story.


Tara is wonderstruck at the giant thingamabob in her son’s house. Sudha Nair tells the story.

Too Much To Lose

A woman faces the prospect of selling her house, when a letter from her late husband sets her off on a new plan to save it. Sudha Nair tells the story.

Diwali Bonus

Shantamma, the house help, dreams of a good Diwali bonus from the houses that she works at, and through a stroke of serendipity, she gets extra lucky this year.

Music for Company

An elderly gentleman feels alive when he listens to his late wife’s music recordings and reminisces about their past. Sudha Nair tells the story of how music fills the solitude in his life – no matter the distractions that life throws.

Bookworm Vidya

Vidya is a bookworm who thinks boys like Silver are pests. Can someone save her from him? Sudha Nair tells the story.

When Girl Meets Boy

Clumsy, confused Mira is pushed to meet a prospective groom. Sudha Nair tells a story about the setting they meet in and the mess thereafter.

Holi Hai

Sudha Nair tells the story of a young couple who celebrate their first Holi away from home.

Under the Mango Tree

Sudha Nair tells the story of a young widow, Meera, who battles with the memory of a secret she wishes she had never known.

A Flutter of the Heart

Sudha Nair tells the story of a woman whose boring life of regular sounds, voices and bustle is changed by a serendipitous encounter.

Breaking Rules

Why is it that sometimes that little chance at freedom is all you have, all you want at the time? Sudha Nair captures one such memory in the life of a young girl.