Memory Keepers

Even memories are a shadow of what they once were, says Swetha Ramachandran, as they try to cling on to inanimate things. Swetha Ramachandran pens a poem to represent the December 2010 theme, ‘The Past and the Future’.

Battling the Wedding Boredom

We have all attended some wedding that has had us bored out of our wits. Swetha Ramachandran tells us how she keeps herself occupied at such weddings, and gives us an interesting study of some of the characters one tends to meet.

Of Places and Fond Memories

As children, most of us would have visited various places, some of which may have left indelible marks on us, so much so that even as we grow up, the pleasant memories of these visits come back to haunt us. Swetha Ramachandran’s recollection of the places she has visited as a kid is sure to leave you feeling nostalgic. More than anything else, read it for the childish delight that pervades this article.

Of Penne and Paper Roasts

Exotic dishes tease the traditional Indian tongue. How’s Indian cuisine holding up against its enchanting counterparts from across the world? Swetha Ramachandran explores the battle between Indian and foreign cuisines – read on to know what emerges the winner – or is there one?

My window to the world…

Swetha Ramachandran pens a poem on memories and the emotions they evoke.

Days of Yore

Swetha Ramachandran pens a poem of days long gone, but that we still hold on close to our hearts.

Ahoy Animation!

Get ready, as Swetha Ramachandran takes you on a journey to the fantastic world of animation movies. We hope you will decide on watching at least one of these ten movies, thereby waking up the child in you! 🙂

The Warriors of the Night

When the rest of the world sleeps, the warriors of the night are wide awake and are in full action. Catch Swetha Ramachandran spinning an imaginative and cute piece on these nocturnal creatures and their activities!

A Journey through Books

It’s an interesting journey that anyone initiated into reading as a child, goes through. We start off with nursery rhymes and pictorial books on the alphabet and then move on to fairy tales and Aesop’s fables. Bang next is the Enid Blyton series of books. Then, comes teenage fiction. Swetha Ramachandran traces the journey that the reading interests of most of us have been through as children and teenagers before finding out what we truly love to read.