They Call Out To Me

A young person is confronted with a pile of vessels they may have to clean, and rage builds up. What does the person choose to do? Vani writes free verse.

Arti and Her Wandering Soul

A woman finds herself waking up from sleep and watching her soul. Vani writes a flash fiction piece.

Sharing is Caring

Hand-me-downs and “swapping” clothes were a quintessential part of growing up in the 80s and 90s, and of college life. Vani recollects instances of sharing clothes and why she thinks it brings people closer.

Samayal Kurippu

Radhika is the host on a cookery show, though that’s not where she wants to be. Vani’s story is about whether Radhika manages to break free.

Despondent in Delhi

Hope could carry us forward with positive vibes, but that’s all it does – sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. The characters in Vani’s story deal with hopelessness in their own way.

Romantic Ideas of Being an Aunt

There’s a certain romance to being an aunt to your sister’s children. Vani Viswanathan wonders if she can bring some practicality into this romance and pick a favourite. 

The Memory Junkie

Biju can’t make sense of his girlfriend’s obsession with collecting junk in the name of memories. What do they do when they move in together and he has to deal with all her stuff? Vani Viswanathan tells the story.

Messy Marriages in Mani Ratnam’s Movies

Tamil movie director Mani Ratnam is one of the few directors who dares to tread into the murky world of couple life and romance post marriage, says Vani Viswanathan, listing her favourite moments around marriage from his movies.

The Dream Catcher Woman

Vani Viswanathan writes about her vivid dreams and the hilarious details in them that she distinctly remembers. Her dreams give her much enjoyment – both through the dreaming process, and later, when she narrates it to others.

Learning at Work

The word “learning” evokes memories of school and life lessons, but what about work, where adults spend such a large part of their days? Vani Viswanathan shares some personal learnings from working at an NGO.

The Men from Kanpur

Abhay and Gaurav, two men far from their comfort zones, realise they live in two different Indias.