Woman of Today

Today’s woman is sensitive, serene, strong, among many other things, feels Vinita Agrawal. Her poem reveals more.

Dear Suzette

Vinita Agrawal writes a poem in memory of Suzette Jordon who was raped by 14 men in a moving car and fought bravely against her rapists in court, and succumbed to disease later.

Cloud Gate: Millennium Park

Vinita Agrawal writes a poem about the overwhelming thrill of the alien pleasures of a big city when she visited it for the first time. It’s about wanting to risk the forbidden adventures of everything unfamiliar…iconized by the metal bean structure.

Always You

The magic of romance comes alive and so does the magnificence of nature as Vinita Agrawal writes a poem on the symbiotic relationship between the man a woman loves and the nature that surrounds her.

Epitaph For 132

Nothing can be more shatteringly painful and shocking for humanity than witnessing its young minds become victims of bullets fired with hate. Vinita Agrawal shares her shock through a poem on the theme ‘Mystery & Crime’.

I Would Like to Write Till My Last Breath: Vinita Agrawal

Vinita Agrawal began writing for Spark from August 2012. She has been one of our most regular contributors. It’s been a pleasure featuring her work, especially her soulful poetry in our issues. Vinita’s writing is simple, elegant and extremely heart-warming. Her poetry, especially the ones that exude pathos are sure to leave an indelible mark on your minds. Vinita’s humility is something we truly admire and her constant support, encouragement and motivation have been a big source of strength for us.
An interview with Vinita Agrawal.

With Mountains for Guardians

A girl of nine joins a Boarding school, and enters a whole new world, something so different from the sheltered life she lived. Vinita Agrawal recounts her experiences of childhood.

Crossing the Line

A lonely woman decides to put an end to her stifling loneliness by stepping out and living life in her own terms. Vinita Agrawal captures the happenings on a wet July evening in Mumbai through a poem.


Morning, is a tree that gets tangled in its own branches as the day goes on, says Vinita Agrawal. This poem tells you why.

True Freedom

Freedom is release from many strange and unwanted negative attitudes, actions and perceptions that prevent humanity from enjoying the true independence it is entitled to. Vinita Agrawal captures some of these in her thoughtful poem.

Conversation Inmates

In a delightful poem that celebrates conversations, Vinita Agrawal likens a conversation to origami, water, buckwheat and more.


Rains are a delight for the young and old alike. Vinita Agrawal writes a poem as the nation waits for the monsoon to arrive and rejoice!