Shaping the Cinematic Lens of the Reader

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD In an interview to Yayaati Joshi, Baradwaj Rangan, National Award-winning film critic, talks about what runs in his mind as he watches a movie, what criteria he applies to assess a film’s merit, while also answering other questions about cinema and criticism in general.

Don’t Romanticise Writing : Meghna Pant

In an interview to Yayaati Joshi, Meghna Pant, bestselling author of ‘Happy Birthday!’ and ‘One & a Half Wife’, shares her thoughts on being a literary fiction writer, her writerly journey and fiction-writing trends in India.

“We Still Need Hard-nosed Journalism”

Dilip D’Souza, veteran journalist, discusses his switch from engineering to writing, and his views on writing about subjects as wide-ranging as mathematics to politics to travel to social issues. Yayaati Joshi asks the questions.

Falling Down: The Character might be American, but the Frustration is Global

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK Falling Down is the tale of the unpredictable antics of a man with misplaced ideologies and a subtle commentary on the society’s descent into chaos, says Yayaati Joshi.

American Sequels Work, Ours Don’t!

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK The sequels of Die Hard, Rocky, Rambo, and other American movies work but ours don’t, opines Yayaati Joshi in his monthly column on movies, Film Freak.

Memories in March

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK A mother in denial, a ‘lover’ on an existential trial: Sanjoy Nag’s directorial debut discusses alternate sexuality in a way it isn’t usually discussed, says Yayaati Joshi in his monthly column, Film Freak.

On Why an Underdog Film Went On to Create History

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK An advantage to an underdog film can be the underdog status of the protagonist, says Yayaati Joshi, on why Rocky manages to capture our hearts.

Get Carter: The DVD is Worth It!

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK Yayaati Joshi tells us of a British revenge story that could be considered a trend-setter for many crime stories to follow. Get Carter by Mike Hodge and starring Michael Caine, is absolutely worth your movie dollars, says Joshi.

Thoughts on David Lynch’s Films

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK The works of David Lynch, which are hard to categorise into any one genre, are to be treated like Franz Kafka – watched, pondered over, understood, and only then will one realise his genius. Yayaati Joshi in his monthly Film Freak, pens some thoughts about Lynch and some of his movies.