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Spark is a new age, fresh idea. It touches upon various areas of creativity and culture which makes reading it a whole lot of fun! A splendid initiative! Congratulations on turning three… We wish you all the very best!

- Kamakshi and Vishala Khurana, Founders, The Sound Space

“What I love about Spark is the soul behind this little magazine that is not so little in its reach and ability to provide an afternoon’s worth of wholesome reading pleasure. The thoughtfully put together stories, poetry, features, interviews, etc. are unpretentious and come from the heart. And frankly speaking that is what sets Spark apart.”

– RK (Rumjhum) Biswas, award-winning writer and poet

“Congratulations to Spark on completing three years when so many magazines are struggling to survive! It was a great honour to be featured in the magazine with an amazing line-up of talented Indian storytellers.” –

Dr. Dipika Mukherjee, award-winning writer, author of ‘Thunder Demons’ and Professor at the Institute of Linguistic Studies, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai

“Congratulations to Spark on its 3rd anniversary. Anupama and her team have been doing a fantastic job in a wired world where it is easy to go with the flow. She and her team make Spark shine like a beacon. Well done!”

– Rishad Saam Mehta, author of ‘Hot Tea Across India’

“Spark is an online magazine with a difference. As I learnt soon after being invited by Anupama to be part of it, the magazine chooses every theme with care and then the stories that appear on this are unusual and intriguing, exploring every aspect of the theme in different interesting ways. It was quite a learning experience and continues to be. There are of course many online magazines but Anupama and her team have managed to make Spark stand out, and this in itself is very inspiring and laudable. I am sure Spark will continue to be widely read, even more so, and am glad to have been part of it, in a small way.”

– Anu Kumar, award-winning writer, author of ‘It Takes a Murder’, ‘Letters for Paul’ and ‘The Dollmakers’ Island’

“Congratulations to Spark for completing three years. It is a well curated online space for words. A considerable amount of thought and care has gone into the design to make the information and navigation easily accessible. I was impressed at the quality of questions that Anupama asked of me. The effort and research put in by the editorial team is meticulous. Today good content is appreciated. These qualities will make Spark sparkle in the long run. Good luck!”

– Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, literary consultant and columnist

“Spark is a wonderful initiative with some interesting content. Hearty congrats to the Spark family and wishing you many milestones. May it grow even more in 2013.”

– Preeti Shenoy, author of ‘The Secret Wishlist’, ‘Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake’, ‘Life is What you Make it’ and ’34 Bubblegums & Candies’

“Spark is a very unique initiative. Love the magazine and the passion with which they write their articles. I wish the team even greater success in their endeavours.”

– Varun Agarwal, entrpreneur, co-founder of ‘Alma Mater’, ‘Reticular’ and ‘Last Minute Films’ and author of ‘How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company’

“Spark has become a regular stop in my creative voyage when the days and its meat are not enough to inspire me. I myself have been ambitious of starting a magazine of art and literature for some time as I want to be the editor of that sort of magazine in my own language. Spark is really such an engaging art and literature magazine created with lots of visual, emotional and common sense. It represents the progressive landscape of contemporary creative minds. I personally enjoy in exploring its creative substance and presentation. My favourites in Spark are Story Board, Poetry and Social Lens. I am really excited when the team extends its hands of the spark to touch the bottom of Southern India, something which so many mainstream magazines of our country fail to do! Wishing you the best in all your creative endeavours in the coming year!

– Kutti Revathi, feminist activist, poet, filmmaker

“My congratulations to the Spark team for completing three years. In an age where magazines sprout and die out within a matter of months, this is indeed a commendable achievement. It is apparent that the magazine has carved out a name for itself and has a loyal bunch of readers, may their tribe increase. I’m happy I was given an opportunity to be featured in this beautiful magazine, thank you, it was indeed an honour. Here’s wishing you many more anniversaries.”

– Fehmida Zakeer, award-winning writer

“There is so much to read online these days. Very little to inspire, though. That is where Spark brightens things up considerably. Little nuggets assiduously gathered and then effortlessly scattered amongst its readers. The fact that it is a garden of good personally tended by Anupama is what makes it special. I enjoyed writing for it. I enjoy reading it.”

– Swapan Seth, ad guru, CEO of ‘Equus Red Cell’ and author of ‘This is all I have to Say’

“There are many online magazines that are providing food for thought, however where Spark makes a difference is the way stories are conceptualized and tied together. The theme is well researched, the people involved are all well connected in their genre and the final flow of the story will nowhere give you the feel of strings being tied. It all flows beautifully, like a conversation with friends over coffee, nothing out of place, nothing wary and in the end leaves you with a smile on the face – both as a satisfied reader and yes, as a proud person who has been featured in there. Thank you Spark for your contributions to the literary sphere and needless to say I wish it just gets better in the coming years. Much love and warm hugs.”

– Sagarika Chakraborty, author of ‘A Calendar Too Crowded’

“I am glad to see Spark celebrate its third year of quality online journalism. I am delighted to see the range of subjects and personalities that this magazine focuses on thereby making it an interesting and informative read. I wish the very best for Spark for the coming year and the years to come.”

– Prasanna, internationally renowned guitarist, music composer and the Founder President of Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music

“There are very few ‘magazines’ – ‘real’ or ‘virtual’, print or electronic – that live up to their name. Spark is one that does, it’s lively, interesting, varied, and spirited – and it’s serious. For me, there’s always something that ‘sparks’ my interest and I’m sure will continue to do so well into the future. Two years is a great age, and more is even better!”

– Urvashi Butalia, Director, Zubaan Books

“My best wishes to you all on this happy occasion of celebrating the second anniversary of the magazine.”

– Sivasankari Chandrasekharan, eminent Tamil Writer and Author of the ‘Knit India Through Literature’ project

“It feels fantastic to have come across Spark – the online literary magazine. It is young, vibrant, smart and convenient with entertaining information. My favourites have been the ‘Fiction’ and the ‘Book review’ sections! I love the touch of creativity that comes across in whatever you guys come up with. Kudos to the entire team at Spark for spreading the positive vibes. . . Keep it going. All the very best!”

– RJ Pavitra, Senior Producer and Radio Presenter, Radio One FM, Bangalore

“Spark is a well conceptualised magazine, with an interesting range of features and articles. I wish all the very best to Anupama and her team for the new year. May her tribe prosper!”

– Amish Tripathi, Author of ‘The Immortals of Meluha’, ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ and 'The Oath of the Vayuputras'

“Congratulations, Spark, on your second anniversary. It must be exciting to look back on the dreams and the hard work that went into conceptualising and realising your stylish magazine. From the interview questions you posed to me about Out of Print, I sense that your success lies in the combination of thoughtfulness and interest that go into your work. Bravo! Look forward to more.”

– Indira Chandrasekhar, Editor, Out of Print

“I am absolutely delighted that Spark completes its second year in January 2012. On your cotton anniversary, I can only wish for you that you shall continue to sparkle and that cotton shall soon turn into silver and gold. It was the irrepressible Robin Williams who once commented “You’re only given a little ‘spark’ of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” This is my only advice to Spark, to its editor Anupama, and to the entire team of this terrific journal. Sparkle away!”

– Ashwin Sanghi, Author of ‘The Rozabal Line’, ‘Chanakya’s Chant’ and 'Krishna's Key'

“Spark does not focus on just one form of creative expression- there’s writing, photography, art and so much more, all just a click away. I think it is awesome, the work you are doing, Anupama and team, bringing the works of both upcoming artists/writers as well as established names. All the best for your third year on the Web!”

– Oormila Vijaykrishnan Prahlad, Cartoonist

“I prefer reading Spark like a (digital) magazine, love the concept! It’s easy to navigate, easy on the eye too. Spark sparkles but gently, I actually find it relaxing and enjoy the versatility, the photographs, the articles and featured people the most.”

– Indian Homemaker, popular blogger

“It takes great initiative and the right spark to spread a good idea – I think we have the right SPARK now… Cheers to the great Initiative!”

– Karthik Kumar, Film and theatre actor, Director, Evam and Sideways Training

“It has been a pleasure to have been interviewed by Anupama Krishnakumar, the editor of Spark, for the April 2011 issue. Spark is a magazine that covers topical issues and areas of interest. It is a young magazine with passion and zest, ready to make large strides in the publishing world, which I am sure it will. My very best wishes.”

– Abha Iyengar, Writer and Poet

“Spark is a welcome new media voice and a delightful read. A great place to turn for insightful takes on art, culture, politics and quite a lot more. I’m confident we’ll be hearing more from them in the coming years! Congratulations on the anniversary and best of luck!”

– Mallika Dutt, President&CEO, Breakthrough

“Spark is an elegantly put together culture magazine with many fine features and interviews. Apart from the content, I like the neat, reader-friendly display and the obvious care that has gone into designing it just like a mainstream print publication. I was also impressed by the thoughtfulness and relevance of the questions they asked when they did an interview with me. Look forward to seeing more good work from them in the coming year!”

– Jai Arjun Singh, Freelance writer and Journalist, Author of ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro’ and Editor of the Anthology, ‘The Popcorn Essayists: What movies do to writers’

“Congratulations on completing two wonderful years of ‘sparking’ the interest of many readers through your articles. You have been so natural and true to your heart in your journey of trying to bring a positive change to the world. May you sparkle for ever like the stars in the heavens.”

– Usha Shantaram, Artist

“Spark features an interesting and thought-provoking range of topics and genres. It’s a publication which has great potential to create change through social media. Well done to the team. Onwards and upwards!”

- Bhavani Prakash, Environment Activist

“Spark is one of the most beautiful online magazines. Many journalists have interviewed me but I felt the feature covered by you in Spark sparked a lot of enthusiasm amongst the kathalaya readers and was thought provoking and interesting to read. The feature was crisp and to the point. The colours added the right aesthetics. Wishing you the best for your first anniversary and hope you reach great heights in future.”

- Geeta Ramanujam, Executive Director, Kathalaya Trust

“I am very impressed with the range, quality and content of Spark. From my perspective, I was happy to be interviewed by Spark, as it is always nice to have a forum to reach out to people. It is also important that we, as academics, get the word out on the importance of the historical past and archaeology.”

- Dr. Michael Petraglia, Senior Research Fellow & Co-Director, Centre for Asian Archaeology, Art & Culture, School of Archaeology, RLAHA University of Oxford

“Spark is a great attempt, and makes for fun reading. I wish Anupama all the best and am sure she will continue to create sparkle.”

- Sathya Saran, Author, '10 Years with Guru Dutt: Abrar Alvi’s Journey' and 'From Me to You' and Former Editor, Femina

“With an increasing amount of gibberish on the world wide web, bludgeoning readers from everything from politics to pot roast, this publication is a welcome space for a variety of creative and original thoughts. Congratulations on your first anniversary!”

- Dr Anita R Ratnam, Dance-actor and Cultural Activist

“Nice layout and design – Fantastic articles. Spark is a work of passion and lot of hard work. Putting together a magazine is a monumental task and I am glad that I was featured in this wonderful magazine. I wish the team of Spark, a huge success in all their efforts and good luck to keep bringing quality stuff. All the best!”

- Arun Vaidyanathan, Filmmaker


  1. As a periodic columnist, I find Spark is a rarity in that it is one of the very few publications that entertains good writing for its own sake. It is among a sparse handful that is willing to look at reflective and thoughtful subjects without being obsessed with politics and the ‘here and now’. More power to your shoulders.

  2. Hey!
    Spark is a wonderful initiative in the literary world of India. Nurturing writers proffering enough scope. Great, continue the good work.

    Pitambar Naik
    Poet and Advertiser

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