The Bud & the Bough

by  Parminder Singh

A new bud blooms on a bough. A new life comes to the world with hope. This poem by Parminder Singh contrasts the role played by ‘hope’ and ‘expectations’ as a new life enters the world.

Unnamed, unknown, unaware,
unharmed in your cocoon,
you must have dreamt
of tomorrow more than once.

There might have been reminisces
of the yester-lives,
the fear of the unseen
and the incomprehensible
giving you goose bumps.

It’s but natural that a knock-knock
and the chatter outside your casket
promises ample opportunities,
a rosy image of the otherwise
stinking, rabid world.

The delusion triumphs
to reassure you that
the world is full of ‘hope’.
Welcome to the world,
‘expectation’ is the exact word.

Parminder Singh, an IT professional, is pursuing Ph.D. in English. He teaches English at SGGS College Chandigarh and also writes poetry and short fiction in English, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi. His poems have featured in international anthologies Harbinger Asylum, Verbal Art and Shout it Out. He has been published in magazines and journals such as Dialog, South Asian Ensemble, Spark, Criterion, Galaxy, Langlit, Hans India, Indian Ruminations, Muse India and the blog of Out of Print Magazine.
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