The Many Avatars of Hope

by Harshal Desai

Hope surrounds us in many avatars, says Harshal through his photographs. It is the vibrant hue of a butterfly wings ready to soar, a seed that springs forth life among the hard stony paths. Hope is a link to the divine that provides serenity and courage to start again, instilling a sense of togetherness and communal strength. Whether through connecting with nature or praying to God, hope is everywhere, one just needs to seek it.
Wings of Summer

Wings of Summer: The leaves call upon phosphorescence and the butterfly cascades softly. Nature loves colors. The intricate anatomy of a butterfly in folds of hues inspires life.


Divine Aura

Divine Aura: Meditative state of trance, with a warm orange aura. The Latin tabula rasa. Examine yourself, and one can find all answers. Begin again.


life - midres

Life: Even the hardest ruins have life. Amid pebbles and the stony path, life will grow. A spurt of green is hope for a new beginning.


Divine prayer - midres

Prayer: Prayer. Communal Healing. The power of collective restoration can instill hope with a subtle armor of blessing.

Harshal is an artist and journeys through lenses of photography, inks of writing and creating. He has completed his Master of Design. He is inspired by sensory perceptions and is intrigued by realms of nature and anthropomorphism. A keen learner with an innate striving for understanding everything around him, you can see him photograph on a regular day and take long walks. His work is published in Verbal Art, FineFlu, National Geographic, The Type Image, 805Lit, Door is a Jar, Asian Signature and SickLit Magazine. – Write him a letter on
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