The Night

by Saikat Das

Saikat Das highlights a dilemma that is fundamental to human existence, in verse.

The night was sprawling
On my roof

And I had promised
To meet her

When they had all fallen asleep

She came calling my name
And stood there on the steps

I heard it all
But pretended to be asleep

By my wife’s side

And the night kept waiting
On the steps

I could feel her breath:
The intense longing
Carved in her dark gaze

I don’t know
Why I kept away
Since my need to meet her
Was greater than hers

When she is gone
I will go and sit
On those stairs
Like she did for me

All alone

Then when she comes
Looking for me

I know
I will

Keep away.

Saikat Das (39), comes from Chinsurah, a Dutch settlement on the banks of river Hugli. A teacher in a sub-urban High School, he dreams of writing a novel but has always ended up writing poems that wink at him rather mischievously, taunting his bouts of passion that never quite make it to a novel. But he hasn’t given up.
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