The Raconteur

by Parth Pandya

[box]How does a journey that has Time for companionship feel like? Parth Pandya’s poem will tell you just that.[/box]

I went seeking friends

And visited,

Time instead.


Yes, Time, that very

Constant, transient entity.

I was told that He travelled.


Watching stories unfurl;

Some tales laced with happiness,

Others subject to sorrow’s tyranny.


So, I got to journey along,

With Time as my companion,

To watch a new story unfold.


I became instantly

The observer

And the protagonist, at once.

We watched,

As I scraped and hurt,

Rose and ran, fell and stumbled.


Time benevolently,

Indulged my whims,

Reserving his worst, for his cruelest cut.


Reveling in his reluctance

To tell me but one thing;

How does the story end?


Do I soar or sink?

Is there grace or cowardice,

In the final chapters of this tale?


So we travel together;

The charioteer and the passenger,

The narrator and the audience.


One story among the infinite.

Before Time, Through Time,

Beyond Time.

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Parth Pandya is a passionate Tendulkar fan, diligent minion of the ‘evil empire’, persistent writer at, self-confessed Hindi movie geek, avid quizzer, awesome husband (for lack of a humbler adjective) and a thrilled father of a precocious two-year-old boy. He grew up in Mumbai and spent the last eleven years really growing up in the U.S. and is always looking to brighten up his day through good coffee and great puns.

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