The Sound of Wind In Trees At Night


In this poem, ARTOHUS explores the soundscape that wind creates on trees during night time.

The sound of wind in trees
At night:
A soft, distant murmur
Almost like serenity
Winnowed from the distant echoes
Of the drowsy world;
A quiet rustle
Reverberating like the sad shifting
Of receding tides;
A faraway whisper
Denuded of time
Like a floating feeling of emptiness;
An orphaned stir
That brings to mind
Peaceful images of barren landscapes
Unblemished by the chaos of civilisation;
Or a periodic sway
Like the heaving breath of earth
Its relieved respiration
At the cessation of a noisy day.

ARTOHUS spends most of his time gazing at clouds, stars or maps. He is a 26-year-old dreamer from Kolkata who finds his peace in soulful strands of music, passionately stringed verses or the dreamy worlds of books. And at other times, he loves heading off to unknown destinations in search of solitude.
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