Two Poems: Suffering & Schoolboy

by Balu George

Balu George writes two poems, one that muses on suffering and the other that recalls an incident that he experienced as a school boy.

When a man has suffered,
He finds joy in little things,
Like reading a book,
Talking to a friend,
Having a bath,
Or in having a good night’s sleep.
Passion is quelled.
He finds peace and joy in the mundane.

A man who has suffered,
Also Realises,
When everything is said and done,
All that matters is kindness,
And a gentleness of spirit.

Once when I was a schoolboy,
After a game of soccer under the sweltering sun,
I rushed to the school tap,
Placed my head under the tap,
And drank the cold sweet water.
The joy I felt is indescribable.

Everything that has happened since −
Passing exams, work, romance…
Have paled in comparison.

Balu George is a Chartered accountant. He has attended the Bangalore writer’s workshop. His poetry and plays have been published in the Literary Yard and Spark.
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