When a Pen Goes Missing

by Sourav Pattanayak

Sourav Pattanayak writes a poem in memory of his favourite pen which has gone missing. By extension, the poem also remembers and addresses his favourite people in life.

How long a time is twenty-four hours?
When there’s a bed to sleep, and a bath for showers?
When there’s a kitchen with food, and a work running years?
When tomorrow is no better, than today’s tears?

How unbearably long a time is twenty-four hours?
When your favourite ink pen, solemn and white,
Your company for morning, noon, and night,
Is missing, is nowhere in sight?

Luxury of things, is pain, is pleasure,
The comfort of company, is the one to treasure.

Where was it that I saw you last?
Embraced by my diary, one with the navy blue cast?
Or left in the pouch, in a sea of veterans,
Red and blue, smooth and fast?

The ball-point is a specimen fine,
Ever ready, for thee and thine.
But the ball-point’s not my favourite;
I demand for my beloved in white.

Far have we travelled,
In trains, real and metaphorical,
Sometimes in silence, sometimes vocal;
All this time, struggling to comprehend,
The ways and means, to a magnificent end.

Far have we come,
In the train of camaraderie and love,
Sharing memories worth more than a treasure trove.
From casual hook-ups, to lasting company,
I’m as used to you now, as I am to me.

If there’s joy in what we create,
There’s romance in the how of it.

I might crave success,
And bask in the glory of it.
But when the dust settles,
It’s you I shall come back to,
And share a laugh or two.

What have we in life, but for our favourite people?

This recital of our journey together,
Is a tale sincere, and a call to appear.

A penny for your thoughts, I have always been;
All I need now, is a pen for mine.

Coming from the town of Baripada in Odisha, Sourav is a big Harry Potter fan who loves to write short stories and poetry. He has had his writings published in The Bombay Review and Indian Periodical. In his spare time, he likes to indulge in cartooning, graphics design, and daydreaming. A college literary magazine and newsletter editor, Sourav wishes to try things from the other side of the table now.
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