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We accept submissions in the following categories.
BASED ON A THEME (Check theme announcement below.)

  • Fiction
  • Non fiction
  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Photography

NON-THEMATIC (Check details on The Lounge section below)

  • Book reviews
  • Music reviews
  • Movie reviews
  • Travel Writing
  • Spirituality
  • Interesting life experiences

A new issue of Spark is published on the 5th of every month.

Theme for Spark’s 8th ANNIVERSARY, January 2018 issue:  CELEBRATING THE WRITTEN WORD. Deadline : 20th December 2017. Please send submissions based on the guidelines mentioned below.

JANUARY 2018  ISSUE: Theme – CELEBRATING THE WRITTEN WORD. As we step into our ninth year, we at Spark want to honour the power, beauty, soul and wit of the written word. Send us fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art or photography that capture and celebrate the written word, language, writing and books/authors that you’ve enjoyed, and the wonderful, painful and liberating process of writing itself. The submissions have to reach us by 20th December 2017. Mail your work to editors@sparkthemagazine.com.

Submissions have to strictly adhere to the GUIDELINES listed below.

  1. Your work has to be 100% original and unpublished. We will not accept work published in other magazines (print/online), your personal blog or as Facebook posts.
  2. Fiction, non-fiction and poetry have to be sent as word documents only. PDFs and other file formats will not be accepted. Do not copy paste the submission in the body of the email.
  3. Format your text in Calibri 12 pt font with single spacing. Include a four-line summary of what your piece is about in the beginning and add a four-line bio of yours at the end of the document. Please note that bio has to be in third-person only. 
  4. Word count guidelines: Fiction & Non-fiction – 700 words to 1500 words. Poetry:  A page or two at the max. We do not accept very long poems.
  5. If yours is a simultaneous submission (i.e., you have submitted it to other magazines as well), please indicate that in your email to us. This is very important.
  6. Please do not send blank emails without any message.
  7. Submission doesn’t guarantee publication. The editors will evaluate the submission(s) and get back to you only if they wish to proceed further with your work. Every issue of Spark is published on the 5th of a month. So if you have submitted your work and the editors wish to go ahead with it, you will hear from them before the 1st of that month.
  8. Editorial changes/comments are part of the publishing process. Send submissions only if you are open to editorial feedback. You cannot withdraw a submission once it has been selected and the editing process has begun. The editorial team’s decisions will be final and binding.
  9. Photography submissions : You can submit a minimum of three photographs and a maximum of eight photographs based on the monthly theme. The photographs have to be hi-res and in jpeg format.
  10. Art submissions : You can submit a minimum of one artwork and a maximum of five based on the theme. The file has to be in jpeg format.

Submissions should be mailed to editors@sparkthemagazine.com.


We are also looking for original, unpublished non-fiction work (ranging between 1,000 and 1,500 words) for Spark’s ‘The Lounge’ segment, which will also be published on the 5th of every month, covering the following segments. Please note that submissions for The Lounge should follow the guidelines mentioned above.

Turn of the page (Books) – We invite exhaustive and professional book reviews in the range of 1000-1500 words on works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We do not encourage sketchy reviews. We also welcome personal experiences of reading a particular author, essays on the works of an author or reflections on the works from an era and so on.

The Music Cafe (Music) – We invite elaborate album reviews and exhaustive works of non-fiction that have any genre of music at their core. We will be happy to discuss the ideas with you if you have something in mind.

Storyboard (Movies) – A section that is dedicated to movies – revisit classics, send us reviews that talk more about the experience of watching a movie, exploring its finer elements. We do not encourage sketchy reviews.

The Inner Journey (Spirituality) – The intent of this segment is to live up to the ‘Wisdom’ aspect of our tagline. We invite columns on spirituality.

Slice of Life (Life experiences) – This is the space for exploring the little elements of life – the lessons, the experiences, inspiration and largely, celebration of life itself.  Send us personal experiences that can nourish the reader’s soul.

Mail us at editors@sparkthemagazine.com with your submissions latest by 20th December 2017.

  1. Dear Editor,
    Had written for your slice for life section but got no response.Please update me about rejection or acceptance.
    Preeti Talwar

  2. Dear editor,
    How many submissions are allowed per person for your Fiction Fest? Can we send more than one story for ‘fiction story’ catergory?

  3. Dear Editor
    I came across your magazine today.Its commendable that Spark covers an array of topics and genres. Creativity cannot be bound.It needs free flow.I liked the poetry section a lot.
    Anticipating same creativity in future.
    With regards
    Sweta Nautiyal(Tushti)

  4. Hi! Will it be possible to elaborate what is expected in the theme ‘Potpourri’? Shall I take it ‘no particular theme’ and the writer is free to submit his work as his / her own choice or shall it be understood referring to a work which will have Potpourri as a featuring object? It may also mean the mixed bag of characters / emotions etc. Since the expression is fairly open ended, some elaboration shall help.


  5. I am interested in writing under the category Storyboard (Movies). Could you please indicate, how many words are you expecting please?



  6. Hello there,
    I would be very interested in submitting my work for publication/reviewing in the CNF and fiction sections.
    Your magazine seems to cover a very wide range of topics and that is very exciting.
    Hope to be including in your mailing list.
    I’ve been writing for a while now, and have been published in Parenting and The Psychological Foundations of India Magazine as well as Life Positive.
    I am Kamalini Natesan (a resident of Bangalore for now- we move a lot).

    Warm regards to the team, and wishing you a very happy new year 2015

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